Russia suffers from ‘body shortage’ despite 168,000 dead in Ukraine

Russia suffers from ‘body shortage’ despite 168,000 dead in Ukraine

Despite the hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, Russia suffers from a severe shortage of corpses, forcing medical students to travel abroad to learn about deaths

Russia suffers from a shortage of bodies despite the hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed in Ukraine, creating a problem for doctors in Russia who have to go abroad to study deaths. Alexey Ivanov, head of a private anatomical laboratory in Russia, said medical students travel to countries such as Georgia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to learn about deaths.

Despite the latest estimates of the Ukrainian military, which stated that the total number of Russians killed in the war is over 168,000. It turns out that the global sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine have led to the fact that the specialist doctors cannot cooperate with doctors abroad when they are in Russia.

This forced medical schools in Russia to adopt different techniques to train their future doctors. Maria Potimkina, head of a development team at a university in Moscow, said last November that students were being trained using virtual reality.

“Simulators created using VR technologies provide high reliability and the maximum impact in the real work of a doctor,” she told Russian media. Putin admitted last month that sanctions against Russia have been hurting the country’s economy since it invaded Ukraine in February 2022. He said in a speech: “We live under constant pressure from abroad – I mean all these endless sanctions.”


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