Whoever thought that suddenly Russia, after the Geneva meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, could turn from “bad and ugly” (as Washington sees it) into “good and good”, obviously was wrong. The demonstration that with Moscow there will be a lot of work to do comes in a few hours and on several tables.

Tension on the Black Sea between Russia and the UK

The first, of course, is that of the Black Sea, where there are strong tensions with the United Kingdom. Russia has asked London to investigate what it believes to be “dangerous” actions by the British destroyer, Defender, which Moscow said has entered its territorial waters and targeted for warning shots. For the Russian Defense Ministry, the incident – however denied by London – was a “gross violation of the UN Convention”. For this, Moscow asked London to “conduct a thorough investigation of the actions of the crew” of its military ship. Whatever the truth, the episode can only increase the tension in bilateral relations, which has already been high for some time.

Russia helps the coup leaders in Myanmar with weapons and political support

An even more disturbing example comes from Southeast Asia, another area in which Moscow’s mainly military presence is expanding. Particularly in Laos. But what is surprising is how the Kremlin continues to strengthen ties with Myanmar after the military coup last February. All in the light of day, complete with a great reception by coup leader Min Aung Hlaing. While the European Union introduces a third round of sanctions against the coup leaders, accompanied by the United Kingdom and the United States, Russia is easily showing its privileged relations with the Burmese army, also supplying it with weapons. So much so that General Min Aung Hlaing himself said that his army has become “one of the strongest in the region” thanks to Russian weapons. All in front of the Minister of Defense of Moscow, Sergej Shoigu.

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