Russia, the (very public) life of Putin’s secret daughters-

They both appeared at the same public event, probably for the first time since Vladimir Putin came to power. But no one can swear that they are actually the president’s daughters, since both use other surnames and no one in Russia dares to ask questions anymore excessively indiscreet on a subject that Vladimir Vladimirovich said in a loud and clear voice that he considered “off-limits”, that of his private life, his family, any romantic adventures. And whoever does not understand the hint risks big, like the newspaper Moskovskij Korrespondent who in 2008 wrote about an upcoming marriage between the president and former gymnast Alina Kabayeva. A few days later the newspaper suspended its publications.

But for some time the daughters Maria and Katerina (or rather two ladies with the same names) aged 36 and 34, are in the news for their projects in genetics and artificial intelligence. So this weekend they spoke to St. Petersburg Economic Forum. At a session on economic investments, Katerina on Friday gave a talk on innovative technologies. Naturally she was presented with her “real” surname, Tikhonova. Saturday was Maria’s turn, she too, of course, with the surname he uses: Vorontsova. Only that both women use the “right” patronymic, namely Vladimirovna, meaning daughter of Vladimir. The fathers could obviously be two homonyms, but the respect with which they are treated seems to confirm that they are not just any Vladimir.

In reality the daughters of the president and ex-wife Lyudmila, married in 1983, they disappeared from the official scene as early as 1999. The former KGB agent was chosen as successor by Boris Yeltsin and appointed prime minister (in 2000 he took over from Yeltsin who resigned). Immediately the two girls who were studying at the German school in Moscow (the family had lived in Communist Germany when Putin was in charge of the Dresden KGB station) came withdrawn from the institute and continued the year privately. Officially they never talked about them and Putin on some occasions limited himself to saying that they are fluent in various languages, pursue their career, live in Russia. It was written that Maria had married a Dutch entrepreneur and that Katerina had joined up with her son of a close friend of Putin, Nikolai Shamalov. However, both now use other surnames, as we have seen.

His wife Lyudmila would have remarried to an entrepreneur who is twenty years younger than her and would live in a kind of castle in Biarritz in France. Alina Kabayeva is said to have bore three children to the president and he secretly married her. Of course, we only know that from a simple athlete he made a prodigious career and is now at the head of the holding that controls some of the main TV channels and which is owned by oligarchs and friends of Putin.

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