Russia-Ukraine war: Putin is expected to announce the annexation of the occupied territories

Towards the annexation of eastern Ukraine? President of Russia, Vladimir Putinmay announce the accession of the occupied territories in Ukraine to Russia during his speech to the parliament this Friday, the British Ministry of Defense reported today (Tuesday).

With a gun to his head: this is how the “referendum” is conducted in Ukraine
The referendum in Ukraine continues: “Kharson is expected to become part of Russia soon”

“In Moscow it is almost certainly hoped that any announcement of accession will be seen as a justification for the special military operation and consolidate patriotic support for the conflict,” the British Ministry of Defense report claims, “this ambition for annexation will likely undermine the growing local awareness in Russia of Putin’s recent failures on the battlefield, and great public unease and anger Regarding the partial recruitment into the army that was announced last week.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Reuters)

As you may recall, this week Russia held referendums in the occupied areas in which the citizens had to decide whether the areas would be annexed to the Russian Federation, and they are expected to end today. As part of the referendum, Moscow is trying to give official validity to the areas under its control.

Although, according to the evidence on the ground, in some cases groups of soldiers armed with Kalashnikov rifles came to the residential buildings and forced citizens to fill out ballots. “They break into the doors of those who do not open them, and demand that the people come out and vote in favor of annexation to Russia,” said the head of the military administration in the city of Kherson. She also added that in order to avoid voting, the citizens try to pretend that they are not at home, or leave their place of residence for fixed periods. “Everyone is scared,” she noted.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kolba, today urged the European Union to impose economic sanctions on Russia, in order to punish it for holding votes on the annexation of the territories in the occupied territories. He said that Moscow’s moves will not change Ukraine’s actions on the battlefield, and that individual sanctions are not enough punishment for the referendums.

Yair Navot, a commentator on Russian affairs, posted on his Twitter page that “the engineered ‘referendums’ that Russia is conducting in the Donbas region and in the districts of Kherson and Zaporizhia will end today and tomorrow with predictable ‘results.’ The parliament in Moscow will approve the same ‘results’ in a flash procedure on Thursday, and on Friday President Putin is expected to give a speech in front of a joint gathering of the two houses of parliament. In this speech, he is expected to officially announce the annexation of the Ukrainian regions to Russia, and their transformation, in Russia’s view of course and in complete contradiction to international law, into Russian territory.”


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