Russia-Ukraine War Today: Last Hour of the War One Year After Putin’s Invasion

Russia-Ukraine War Today: Last Hour of the War One Year After Putin’s Invasion

Russia reproaches alleged burning of the Koran by Ukrainian troops

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajarova, has shown her deep rejection of alleged “sacrilege acts” carried out by some Ukrainian military, whom she accuses of having burned copies of the Koran, the holy book of Islam. “The Kiev regime, which has completely lost its moral guidelines, continues to deliberately tolerate practices that seriously violate the rights of believers, insult their feelings and inflict deep mental suffering on them,” Zajarova said at a press conference. For the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy, this “heinous act of blasphemous mockery” takes on even more importance considering that he was executed, according to her, on the eve of the start of the holy month of Ramadan and “has not received the slightest condemnation from of the Ukrainian authorities”.

Likewise, Zajarova has criticized the international silence that, she says, Kiev’s main allies keep, “which can be considered as an approval of such atrocities by Ukrainian nationalist radicals,” reports the Russian news agency TASS.

“We demand that the relevant international structures seek from Kiev strict compliance with the international obligations it has assumed to guarantee the rights of believers in the country,” the spokesperson for Russian diplomacy has settled.




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