Russia would use dolphins to protect itself from a Ukrainian attack in Crimea

Dolphins would be used by the Russian army to protect the naval base of Sevastopol, against possible submarine attacks, according to an article published on April 28 by the US Naval Institute (USNI). Its author, the specialist analyst H I Suttonexplains, using satellite images, that two dolphin enclosures were moved to this port in annexed Crimea in February, when Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.

Sevastopol occupies a major place in the Russian military and naval arsenal. “It is the most important naval base of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea”, recalls the American Naval Institute. Now, adds HI Sutton, the recourse to these mammals “could prevent Ukrainian special operations forces from infiltrating the underwater port to sabotage warships.”

Marine mammals, already used as a weapon

The use of dolphins for military purposes is not new. In the 1960s, the American army set up a unit responsible for training marine mammals to transform them into formidable soldiers before replacing them last year with drones, under pressure from defense associations. animals.

The USSR launched a military training program for dolphins, seals and whales in the 1980s. In April 2019, a beluga suspected of having been trained by the Russian army was found by Norwegian fishermen. Particularity of this marine mammal, it wore “a harness stamped “Saint Petersburg””explained the BBC at the time.

According to satellite images, Russia even deployed dolphins for several months around the naval base of Tartous, Syria, where Moscow has been intervening militarily since 2015. “The mobile enclosures used for this deployment were very similar to those currently positioned in the port of Sevastopol”, says the US Naval Institute.


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