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2023-05-28 14:21:00

London, May 28. ( – Russia is ready for peace talks with Ukraine but will not give up its terms. This was stated by the Russian ambassador to Great Britain Andrey Kelin in an interview with the BBC. “We want peace, but under certain conditions, of course – the diplomat specified – For us, two things are important. The first is that there is no threat from Ukraine to Russia. And the second, that the Russians in Ukraine will treated like any other foreign citizen. Like the French are treated in Belgium, or like the Italians and Germans are treated in Switzerland, not differently. Otherwise it would be a serious violation of the Declaration of Human Rights”.

According to Kelin, Russia’s current military aim is to liberate Donbass from occupation. He also rejected the hypothesis that Ukraine could prevail, calling it “a big idealistic mistake. We can make peace tomorrow, if the Ukrainian side is willing to negotiate, but at the moment there are no preconditions for this, I’m afraid, because the President of Ukraine has prohibited any negotiation”, he added, stating that Moscow excludes the use of nuclear weapons in the war against Kiev, although apprehensions remain for an escalation due to Western arms supplies to Ukraine.

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