Russian espionage, Stefania Craxi: “Much more serious than what they say …”

Russian espionage, Stefania Craxi: “Much more serious than what they say …”

Stefania Craxi (FI): “Each other Russian espionage much more serious than it is said. There is a match geopolitics in the courtyard of our house. Europe risks losing its influence in the Mediterranean. Well visit Draghi in Libya, but we no longer have a privileged relationship. On vaccines yet another failure of the EU ”. Stefania Craxi, Senator of Forza Italia, spoke to the microphones of the program “Italy has awakened”, hosted by the director Gianluca Fabi, Matteo Torrioli and Daniel Moretti on Radio Cusano Campus.

On the story of the Russian espionage. “There have been precedents, it is not the first news of this kind – Crax said. I do not consider this matter serious only from the point of view of bilateral relations with a country that Italy has always considered a friend, but also because it makes me think that there is a very important geopolitical game going on in our backyard. When the US pushes Russia back and pits it among the enemies of the West, it pushes Russia onto the Asian front. China has already invaded Africa with an extractive capitalism that takes everything and leaves nothing, Russia is playing a Mediterranean game, if Europe lost Africa and the Mediterranean would also lose its natural area of ​​influence. This is why I say that the issue of reinforcing the European commitment in NATO must be raised, as the American presidents are asking of us ”.

On visit to Libya of Draghi and Di Maio. “Libya is the paradigm of Europe’s impossibility of having a common foreign policy, in Libya every European country has pursued its own interests. It was also the paradigm of our now failed ambition to be a leader in the Mediterranean. When we were dragged into the attack in Libya against Gaddafi we committed a terrible act, a few months before that attack we signed a pact of cooperation and friendship that even committed us to take the field alongside Libya in the event of an external attack, how do you think Libyans look at Italy now? I think Draghi is well aware that Libya should be a key point on the internal agenda, but we no longer have that special relationship we had with Libya ”.

Sui vaccines. “It is yet another failure of Europe which has once again shown its limits, the inability to be united and far-sighted. Suffice it to see what happens in Great Britain that has left the EU, it is an invitation to open our eyes to a Europe that continues to fail, the bureaucracy that has taken over instead of politics does not work ”.


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