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At the pre-Olympic European Figure Skating Championships, Russian figure skaters, like two years ago, occupied the entire podium. The best in Estonian Tallinn – however, with a fall – was Kamila Valieva, who did not miss a single victory this season. World champion Anna Shcherbakova won silver with the best points in her career. She managed to rehabilitate herself after the short program and for the first time in a long time she performed the declared content cleanly. Alexandra Trusova rolled back to third place, falling twice in the free skate.

Russian figure skaters at the European Championships, held in Tallinn, managed to repeat the success of two years ago and again win a full set of awards. Like two years ago, all the places on the podium were distributed among themselves by the students of one coach – Eteri Tutberidze. The strongest in this fight was 15-year-old Kamila Valieva (259.06), who only this season began to compete at the adult level.

The athlete, who is now the undisputed leader in the world, took home another gold medal. Prior to that, she won two stages of the Grand Prix and the Russian Championship, updating world records from time to time both in the short program and in the free program.

In Tallinn, the free program came out, however, much less successfully: she fell from a triple axel, and then very dirty, with a long pause, made a sequence of a quadruple sheepskin coat and a triple salchow.

In this regard, the second assessment also crept down, which is usually prohibitively high for Valieva. Nevertheless, even with mistakes, she was ahead of her closest pursuer, compatriot Anna Shcherbakova (237.42) by 22 points.

The most titled figure skater in the national team, Anna Shcherbakova, who failed the short program, managed to return to wrestling again on Saturday. The current world champion could not manage this year to cope with the free program, which is more complex and technically saturated.

In Tallinn, Shcherbakova was able to do this for the first time: she not only landed a quadruple flip, but also received huge bonuses for the rest of the jumps. Her program – under the theme “Master and Margarita” – for the first time looked the way she seems to be, which allowed Shcherbakova to get the best points in her career for her.

But the failure lay in wait for another Russian woman – Alexandra Trusova (234.36). As in the 2020 European Championships, the figure skater was again left with only bronze.

The figure skater does not want to give up the idea of ​​​​performing five quadruple jumps in a free program. In principle, it is understandable: without them, Trusova simply cannot compete with either Valieva or Shcherbakova.

Only Trusova can’t land them cleanly. She fell again, and fell from two jumps at once – quadruple sheepskin coat and lutz. It seems that the figure skater had even more falls than the heroine Cruella, whom Trusova portrays, in the film.

It seems that such a series of mistakes finally deprived the skater of the chance to compete in the team tournament at the Olympic Games. Obviously, the federation will bet on one of the more stable Russians – Valieva or Shcherbakova.

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