Russian gasoline prices are among the lowest in Europe

Russia lost only to Kazakhstan

Experts analyzed the cost of AI-95 gasoline among 32 European countries and made a rating of the states with the cheapest prices for this fuel.

According to experts, Kazakhstan has become the country with the cheapest Ai-95 gasoline in monetary terms out of 32 European countries. Here the cost of a liter of this fuel was 34.3 rubles.

This is followed by Russia, where the price of AI-95 is already higher, but, nevertheless, it is very low, it is 49.1 rubles per liter.

Meanwhile, in addition to the cost rating, experts have compiled a rating of fuel availability for the population of the same 32 European countries. And here the indicators turned out to be somewhat different due to the fact that the standard of living and income of the population in different European states differs. So, according to this indicator, the Russian Federation took only 16th place out of 32.

“Russia took the 16th place between Italy and Kazakhstan. Russians can buy about a thousand liters of 95th gasoline for their average monthly salaries,” the study said, cited by RIA Novosti.

And the first place in this indicator went to Luxembourg, whose citizens can buy 2.6 thousand liters of gasoline at their average salary.



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