Russian investing in SpaсeX collects a fund for $ 150 million

Anton Alikov told Vedomosti that he launched the Arctic Ventures II fund with a target volume of $ 150 million. It is collected in the form of a syndicate, that is, each investment will be registered in a separate legal entity, Alikov explained. The investment will be managed by Arctic Capital, a company registered in Delaware, USA. According to the database of this state, a company with this name was registered on November 30, 2020. As of March 9, 2021, 100% of Arctic Capital was controlled by Alikov, follows from a letter from the director of this company, Dmitry Vorontsov (Vedomosti has it).

According to Alikov, the fund has already completed its first transactions: “In total, it is planned to invest about 15–20 companies. At the same time, three companies have already been purchased in full, two are at the stage of payment for the transaction. Five investments in the new fund have already been made for a total of $ 35 million. ” Investment targets include two online education companies, one of which is a US video game developer. Alikov does not disclose the names of the companies, claiming that other investors are beginning to duplicate his actions. According to Alikov, the fund will “invest in stocks of companies in the late stages of pre-IPO”, mainly in the US, but will also consider companies in Asia and Europe.



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