Russian Olympians were instructed on how to answer questions about harassment and Crimea

Russian athletes were sent instructions on behavior at the Tokyo Olympics. They were warned about the risks of provocations and offered prepared answers to questions about Crimea, Donbass, harassment, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and doping. Athletes are asked to say that they have not faced harassment and that the Olympics are not a platform for actions and gestures.

Fragments from the document are cited by Vedomosti. The Russian Olympic Committee confirmed the preparation of the document. The newspaper’s source at the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the department did not agree on the instructions.

How athletes are asked to answer questions:

  • About politics: «No comment».
  • About BLM… It is necessary to explain that the attitude towards movement is a personal matter for everyone, “but the Olympics, in any case, should not become a platform for any actions and gestures.”
  • About Crimea and Donbass… Not to discuss, “sport should stay out of politics.”
  • About doping scandals… The athlete has nothing to say about this, because he did not participate in them; sanctions should be commented on by the person who introduced them.
  • About harassment: “I have never encountered this in my career, but I know that this problem exists in many countries.” The athlete is asked to say that the sports world will cope with this problem.
  • On the prohibition to perform under the flag of Russia. Athletes are invited to say that they still represent their homeland, this is a great honor and would like to hear the anthem of the Russian Federation.

The OCD warned that athletes will receive requests for comment and interviews, but they can be provocative. The committee reported that athletes are already facing “user bullying”. Athletes are advised not to succumb to this. The ROC asks Olympians to be “careful and attentive” about what they write, what photos they post, what they like and comment on.

The Russian team included 335 athletes. The average age of the Olympians is 27 years. The ROC flag at the opening ceremony will be carried by Olympic champions Sofya Velikaya (fencing) and Maxim Mikhailov (volleyball). The Tokyo Olympics were supposed to take place from July 24 to August 9, 2020. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed for a year – the Olympics will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

About the conditions of the Olympics – in the material of “Kommersant” “The fans were left in the room above the stands.”



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