Russian software in banks will be checked for security

By the end of the year, the Central Bank will check banks for software resistance to cyberattacks. This follows from the regulator’s information provided to Vedomosti. The representative of the regulator said that banks will be checked, among other things, for the security of domestic solutions that they began to implement after the suppliers of their foreign counterparts left the market.

“The Bank of Russia has been conducting cyber exercises with credit institutions since 2020, this year they will be held as planned,” a representative of the Central Bank said. “In the second half of 2022, it is planned to conduct cyber exercises taking into account the current scenarios of computer attacks, which include, among other things, the topic of import substitution of software for credit institutions,” the regulator said. What exactly will be checked during the exercises and what attack principles will be simulated during the exercises, the Central Bank did not specify.


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