A Russian woman born in 1995 died on January 6 in the city of Taraz in southern Kazakhstan during riots, she left behind three children, the Russian embassy in Kazakhstan said. The woman was killed while returning from work.

“The Consulate General of Russia in Alma-Ata received information that in the city of Taraz (Zhambyl region) in the south of Kazakhstan during the pogroms on January 6 of this year. Russian citizen, mother of three children M.V. Kim, born in 1995, died at the hands of bandits. The crime was committed at the moment when M.V. Kim was leaving her place of work,” the report says.

The Russian Consulate General in Alma-Ata contacted the family of the deceased. The diplomats asked the regional authorities to help the family. The consulate is working on the issue of providing material assistance to the family of the deceased. The Russian Embassy sent a request to the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan and called for a “thorough and comprehensive investigation of the crime.”

On January 2, street demonstrations began in Kazakhstan due to a sharp increase in the price of liquefied gas. Demonstrations soon spread to major cities and escalated into armed clashes with police and looting. The protesters, whom the authorities call terrorists, made several attempts to storm administrative buildings and police departments, and also briefly seized Alma-Ata International Airport. The Russians were taken out of the country by military transport aircraft. The CSTO peacekeeping forces were brought into the country. On January 13, after the stabilization of the situation in the country, their withdrawal from Kazakhstan began.


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