Russians are investing in smart homes

Representatives of retailers and marketplaces interviewed by Vedomosti say that the demand for smart home systems and gadgets in Russia has grown significantly. The popularity of smart home products in the first half of 2021 on Ozon increased 8 times when compared with the same period in 2020 and take into account unit sales, a marketplace representative told Vedomosti: “Simple automation has become many times more popular: relays, automatic openers curtains, smart lamps and sensors ”. On average, they spend 2,500 rubles on smart accessories, he says: “Yandex’s smart light bulb has become the best-selling product. According to the interlocutor of Vedomosti, there are also more sellers of smart equipment – now in this category there are 2.5 times more of them than last year.

On AliExpress in the Russian Federation, the demand for smart home systems and accessories in June 2021 increased 3 times compared to the first summer month of 2020, according to its materials. For example, the demand for temperature controllers with a touch screen (such are needed if the house has a warm floor) in pieces has increased by 2.8 times. The demand for smart kettles has increased by 1.5 times (they can be used to remotely control the heating of water), sales of robotic vacuum cleaners and robots – window cleaners have grown by 1.3 times, by more than 30% – systems for remote opening and closing of curtains, listed in AliExpress materials.



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