Russians themselves will determine to whom to disclose information about their diseases

The Ministry of Health has updated the procedure for giving informed voluntary consent to medical intervention and refusal of medical intervention. A draft of the relevant document has been posted for public comment.

At the same time, it was proposed to introduce a new norm, according to which a citizen or his legal representative, when registering informed voluntary consent to medical intervention, has the right to determine the persons to whom information about his state of health can be transferred, including after his death. Simply put, before hospitalization, a person must inform the health worker himself to whom information about his health can be disclosed. Including after death.

“Thus, information constituting a medical secret, after the death of a citizen in order to protect information about his private life, can be disclosed to persons indicated by him during his lifetime, including family members and close relatives, if the citizen or his legal representative has not forbidden to provide them with the specified information “, – noted in the explanatory note to the document.



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