Saar: “Bibi will not have a majority in the next Knesset either”

Tonight’s storm at the activists’ conference (Photo: New Hope)

Just before the expected dissolution of the Knesset this week and the start of the election campaign, Justice Minister Gideon Saar addressed the political crisis this evening (Sunday) at a conference of activists of the New Hope Party. In his remarks, he attacked the head of the opposition, Nimim Netanyahu, and claimed that he would not usually reach the 25th Knesset either.

“Why are we rushing to the polls? They say it is possible to form a right-wing government. It is true, there is a majority for the right in the Knesset, but there is no majority for Bibi in the Knesset – nor will he have one in the next Knesset,” Saar said. “We went to the polls with a clear statement, according to what we saw as good for the state.”

He said, “True patriot, after 4 attempts in which there is no majority in the Knesset that wants to express confidence in him – would release, would give to someone else, there are more people. We always said we are ready for a national government and can be formed easily but – do not try to force Bibi on us, for good Very simple – we can not give our hand to those we see who prefer a personal interest over that of the state. “

Assault at the activists’ conference (Photo: New Hope)

He also referred to the farewell interviews of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and said sharply that “this is the last time in this speech that I will disagree with the Prime Minister. “I read in the weekend newspaper that the prime minister says that there is no faction that would have stood for what the right-wing faction stood for in the outgoing Knesset. There is such a faction. But it has stood by it successfully.”

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