Saarland: Tobias Hans relaxes corona rules from October 1st – 3G creates new freedom – domestic politics

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Full cinemas, dancing in clubs and visiting restaurants without a mask and without any distance: all of this has been possible again in Saarland since Friday (October 1st).

According to a new ordinance of the Saarland state government, practically all restrictions for vaccinated, convalescent and tested people (3G) are no longer applicable. Even in the workplace in closed rooms there is no longer a mask requirement if everyone presents a 3G certificate.

With the new “Saarland Model Plus”, “the next chapter in dealing with Corona” will be opened, said Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU).

Joy about easing in Saarland

“This is something that we have long wanted and recently asked for in the catering and hotel industry,” said the general manager of the Saarland industry association Dehoga, Frank C. Hohrath, on Friday. Now the companies would get their freedom back and could decide for themselves how to deal with the issue.

According to the regulation, tables in restaurants with 3G operation can be set up less spaced apart. The minimum distance is generally only a recommendation.

Joy also at the Saarland State Theater:

From now on there is again “theater enjoyment without restrictions” such as distance rules or the wearing of mouth and nose protection, said General Director Bodo Busse on Friday. “If you want to keep wearing a mask, you can of course do so. Everyone can decide freely. ”
For organizational reasons, a return to full seating capacity is only possible from
October 9th possible.

According to the new ordinance, private contact restrictions have been lifted in Saarland and the number of square meters for admitted visitors and customers has been dropped.

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And: the number of guests is no longer limited.

The mask requirement still applies here

But: a mask must still be worn in local public transport. Likewise in retail – if the operators there cannot check the 3G certificates.

The new freedom is initially valid for 14 days.


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