Sabina postpones two concerts until mid-July due to health problems

Sabina postpones two concerts until mid-July due to health problems

2023-06-01 10:23:52

The artist Joaquin Sabina has postponed his planned concerts for this week in A Coruña until mid-July for health problems. As his family has reported to EFE, this is part of the normal course of an acute flu, the singer is at his house and plans to resume the tour on July 10 in Palma: “Joaquín he is in very good health within his limitations“.

The artist has postponed his concerts scheduled for this week in A Coruña until mid-July as part of the ‘Against all odds’ tour due to laryngitis and hoarseness, with a period of rest of between five and seven days.

Sabina was “very good” after two successful concerts in Madrid (May 23 and 25) when he began to feel discomfort due to the change in weather, his representative, José Navarro ‘Berry’, assured EFE. He came to consider trying to give the first concert this Friday in A Coruña, but he was aware that in no case would he have been able to face the second, so he has preferred to start his recovery and rest now.

“Joaquín is in very good health, within his limitations, known for a long time,” he added.

Sabina suffered a mild stroke in 2001, a fright that was followed by a depression. On May 19, 2010, about to offer three concerts in the United States, Sabina had to suspend due to acute diverticulitis. And on September 16, she canceled a concert at the Palau de Barcelona due to a domestic fall. Also they Stomach problems They led him to leave a concert in Madrid on December 13, 2014 and there was then talk of a specific attack of stage fright.

On February 12, 2020, the day he turned 71, after losing his footing on the edge of the stage due to a cable and the light of a spotlight at the WiZink Center in Madrid, he plunged into the pit from almost two meters highwhich resulted in several injuries, a hospital admission to the ICU and two interventions.

The calendar

On his tour he has concerts planned in Palma de Mallorca (Trui Son Fusteret, June 10); Valencia (bullring, June 13); Bilbao (Bizkaia Arena Bec, June 23); Murcia (bullring, July 1); A Coruña (Coliseum, July 14 and 16 instead of June 2 and 4); Seville (La Maestranza bullring, September 1) and Granada (bullring, September 8). This ‘tour’ will conclude with stops in Pamplona (Navarra Arena, September 15), Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi, September 27) and Zaragoza (Príncipe Felipe Pavilion, October 6).

Once his concerts in Spain are over, he will cross the Atlantic again to take to the stages of Mexico, where he will offer four ‘shows’ at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on October 27, 29 and 31 and November 2, and another in Guadalajara on November 4. Then he will travel to the United States: New York, Miami and Los Angeles on November 16, 19 and 22, respectively.

He plans to finish the tour in Madrid with two new concerts at the WiZink Center on December 18 and 20.

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