Sabrina Salerno: “My breasts are not redone. Cavagna, here is the medical report”

Sabrina Salerno: “My breasts are not redone. Cavagna, here is the medical report”

2023-06-01 08:11:00

Sabrina Salerno: “I’ve always had natural breasts, read here”

Sabrina Salerno it’s natural, his breast it is not redone. There singer wanted to silence one fake news That “it lasted for 30 years“. The decision came after the attack of a colleague, the former sexy nurse of Striscia la Notizia Angela Cavagna who said: “I know her since he was 16beautiful girl, but he didn’t have much up front“. But Sabrina Salerno did not like the revival of an old controversy, and – we read in the Corriere della Sera – through her lawyer, she first made it known that: “I have not never had any breast surgery, nor have I ever brought legal action against anyone. I have already given a mandate to my lawyers to take appropriate action to obtain compensation for damages and to file a lawsuit for aggravated defamation in the press“.

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Then – continues the Corriere – on May 29 she underwent a mammography with a trusted plastic surgeon. And she posted the report on Instagram: “La clinical historyprevious exams and current objectivity they exclude absolutely the presence of breast implants (prosthesis)”. Commenting: “I hope I have put an end to a fake news that has haunted me for more than 30 years”. From her good retreat in Tenerife, laughs Angela Cavagna: “Anyway, come on, so many years have passed, me I have a good laugh about it“.

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