Sacha Baron Cohen turns 50: ten things you don’t know about the comedian from the incendiary genius

Sacha Baron Cohen one of the most relevant satirical characters of this era. Whether it’s Borat, Brno, or any of his other on-screen alter egos, Baron Cohen’s comedies work not because he tricks the people he interviews into saying horrible, racist, sexist and xenophobic things, but because it makes them feel safe enough. to formulate their worst opinions out loud in front of the camera. His fearlessness in making serious people look vacant earned him a global audience, a hefty amount of indignation, many newspaper headlines, and an Oscar nomination.
After graduating from Christ’s College Cambridge, Sacha Baron Cohen worked briefly as a model before moving on to conducting low-budget television programs in the early 1990s. A good preparation to create the elegant Brno, which infiltrated the fashion weeks of Milan, Madrid and Paris.


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