Sai Kumar, like Jagan, went to the lion’s den to study music; Finally at the police station

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Does anyone climb into a lion’s den to see a lion? Like Jagan, who went to the Lion’s den to study music, he tried to climb through a cliff into the cage where the 31 – year – old African lion (Lion) was kept at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad. The shocking incident took place on November 23. He was later rescued by an employee of the Zoological Park. The scary incident went viral on the internet after it was captured on camera.

G Sai Kumar is the name of the man who did this adventure. In the one minute long video, Sai Kumar is seen sitting on the slope of a rock in a part of the lion’s den. The video shows him descending just below the cliffs and the lion looking up. Manohar, a six-year-old African male lion, eagerly waits below for Kumar’s meat.

Kumar sat on the slope of the rock and waited for the lion to change from there and jump down. At the end of the video, zoo officials rescue him and take him away.

Kumar was later warned by the authorities and prevented from entering the lion’s den. Several voices can be heard in the background of the video, asking Kumar to be careful and not to enter the side of the ditch.

The Nehru Zoological Park said in a statement that Kumar was trying to jump into a part of the cage where people had no access. Authorities said the lion could only be seen from outside the enclosure. But he was trying to walk on the rocks near the lion ‘s nest.

Do you doubt that Sai Kumar has come to the Lion Cage to study music like the dialogue in The Sixth Lord? It is learned that Kumar believed that there might be diamonds in the lion’s cage. He was trying to get inside to find the diamonds hidden in the surrounding wall. The 31-year-old was rescued by zoo officials and handed over to the Bahadurpura police station. No case has been registered in the incident so far.

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