Saint-Léonard | Innocent citizen injured in failed murder attempt

A citizen was injured in the upper body on Thursday when shots were fired from a car in front of an Italian cafe in the district of Saint-Léonard. An investigation has been opened, but already, the event has the appearances of a failed murder attempt.

Henri Ouellette-Vézina

Henri Ouellette-Vézina

Mayssa Ferah

Mayssa Ferah

It was around noon that the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) reported having been called to go to the premises of Bar Café Sorrento, at the intersection of rue Jean-Talon and rue des Angevins.

According to the first testimonies obtained, it is a suspect who was in a car which would have fired in the direction of another person, on the terrace of the café. “The person targeted would then have fled at the same time as the suspect”, reported a spokesperson for the Montreal police force, Manuel Couture.

A victim was still located by the police. It is about a man who was wounded in the upper body, probably by shards of glass which occurred in the wake of the shots. “For the moment, it seems that this man was not directly targeted by the shooter,” said agent Couture, specifying that this victim was transported to a hospital, but that we would not fear for his life at present.

The investigation is still ongoing, but already, the police admit that the scene “has the appearances of an attempted murder”. That said, the authorities are not ruling out that it was the business itself, and not a specific person, that was targeted by the shooter.

No arrest has yet been made and the shooter is still wanted by investigators. They will meet several potential witnesses and view video tapes from surveillance cameras that could have captured the scene.

The person allegedly targeted by the gunfire had still not reported to the police in the afternoon. At least one cartridge case was found on the ground and a bullet hole is still visible on the front door of Café Sorrento, on the front facade of it.

A security perimeter has been erected around the store. The investigators will also be assisted by a dog handler to try to better understand the causes and circumstances surrounding this event. Forensic identification technicians were also requested on site.


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