Saint of the day June 9: San Efren. catholic saints

Saint of the day June 9: San Efren.  catholic saints

2023-06-09 08:03:00

June 9, 2023 / 1:03 a.m.

“Let’s make our love a great and universal offering”, encouraged the deacon Saint Ephrem, Doctor of the Church and called “the harp of the Holy Spirit”.

For centuries, Catholics and non-Catholics have enriched their respective liturgies with homilies and hymns of this saint, whose feast day is every June 9.

Saint Ephrem was born in Nisibis (present-day Nusaybin – Turkey) in the year 306. He grew up without giving much importance to religion, but at the age of 18 he received baptism and closely followed Saint James, Bishop of Nisibis, with whom he claims, he attended the Council of Nicaea in 325.

After a long fight and negotiations, the Persians seized Nisibis and the Christians had to flee. The Saint went to live in an open cavern between the rocks of a high cliff near the city of Edessa and it was in that austerity and solitude that he wrote much of his spiritual works.

He used to go down to Edessa to preach and the Bishop appointed him director of the school of religious singing, from where many teachers came out who gave solemnity to the religious festivals of various parishes. With his songs and compositions, the Saint defended the doctrine

It is said that at the end of his life he traveled to Caesarea to visit Saint Basil. In 372 there was a great famine in Edessa and Saint Ephrem was in charge of organizing the scarce goods and helping those in need.

He left for the Father’s House on June 9, 373 and was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. Among his writings, a list with titles to the Mother of God and the following prayer stands out:

“Our Most Holy Lady, Mother of God, full of grace: You are the glory of our human nature, through which the gifts of God come to us. You are the most powerful being that exists, after the Holy Trinity; the Mediatrix of all of us before the mediator that is Christ; You are the mysterious bridge that unites earth with heaven, you are the key that opens the doors of Paradise for us; our Advocate, our Intercessor. You are the Mother of the One who is the most merciful and more good. Make our soul worthy of being one day at the right hand of your only Son, Jesus Christ. Amen”.

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