” Salah sweeps Everton ”, a historic record for Liverpool

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There are a number of worthy candidates for the best team in the world this season, but it seems that at this stage, there is only one real candidate for the title of the most enjoyable team. Liverpool continued their incredible form, abusing tonight (Wednesday), city rivals Everton with a crushing 1-4 at Goodison Park. The one who experienced an exciting closing circle is Virgil Van Dyke, who first returned to the field where he was seriously injured last season, and came out with a big win.

Pay attention to Liverpool’s results since the return of the national team. 0: 4 over Arsenal, 0: 2 over Porto, 0: 4 over Southampton and tonight 1: 4 over Everton. Liverpool, with a rate of 43 goals in 14 games, are at a conquest pace where the historic Manchester City goal record, 106 goals in the 17/18 season, certainly seems like an achievable goal.

Muhammad Salah, who has raised his tally to 13 league goals, holds a simply stunning record in away games. He has scored or cooked in each of Liverpool’s 7 games outside of Anfield. Nine gates and 5 cooks. In addition, the Mighty Reds tonight became the first English team in history to score two goals or more in 18 consecutive games, breaking the record held by Sunderland since 1927.

“Liverpool deepened Benitez’s crisis” and “Salah swept Everton” were among the prominent headlines on English websites after the game. The Mighty Reds did not pity the mythological ex, and the Topies recorded their ninth game in a row without a win tonight, and look in big trouble. It is quite possible that the game against the ex will turn out to be the Spaniard’s last in the role.

Salah He said: “The coach told us they will play aggressively, but we knew we just had to play our game and the situations would come. I hope to score many more goals. My first goal is first of all to win titles with the club. Championship, Champions League, hopefully both.”

Quite a few eyebrows were raised when the Egyptian was selected overall in 7th place in the last Golden Ball. No doubt in his current fitness, he’s on the safe path to the podium next season, but the one who sent a sting is his good friend Diane Lubren who tweeted: “Keep it up Moe, and next season ‘France Football’ will elevate you to 6th place. He deserves much more than that!”


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