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Virudhachalam: Writer Kanmani Gunasekara has translated the script of the film ‘Jaybeam’ into the vernacular and returned the 50 thousand rupees given by the film company.

Produced and starring Surya, ‘Jaybeam’ has generated a lot of controversy and controversy. In this case, Kanmani Gunasekara, a writer from the coastal district next to Virudhachalam, who worked on the film, has sent a three-page letter to the 2D company that produced the film.


‘The story of the film is a true incident that took place at Kammapuram police station in the 90s. Since the plot of the story is based on Vriddhachalam Kammapuram, it would be better if the dialogue in the scenes was in the vernacular, ‘said director Gnanavell.

The film did not get much attention as it was a pathetic title as ‘rat hunting’. You sent Rs. 50,000 to my bank account for the work of changing the regional dialogue.

Suddenly the title was changed to ‘Rat Hunting’ and I saw an advertisement in the newspapers as ‘Jaybeam’. The home inspection of the police inspector who kept the Vanniyar Agnikalasa calendar was also shocking. The copy given to me did not have all the visual codes like Vanniyar Agnikalasa. In many places the entire Vanni community could not bear to be portrayed as murderers.

Those who claim to be creators and artists need honesty. You have changed me to ‘Jaybeam’ by showing me ‘rat hunting’. You have also given my name to a negative character.

So, I sent them a check for Rs. 50,000 which they had sent for the task of changing the vernacular. I have attached the check with this letter. Thus, it is stated.

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