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Krishnagiri: Krishnagiri Postal Division Superintendent Munikrishnan has issued a statement saying that all the post offices in Krishnagiri Postal Division will be selling gold bonds from November 29 to Dec. 3. Of this, one can buy from one gram to 4,000 grams. The price of a gram of gold is 4,791 rupees. The investment period of a gold bond is eight years. Gold bonds can be exchanged for cash at the expiration date. The gold bond can also be exchanged for cash after five years. Investments made through this scheme will be credited to the account every six months at the rate of 2.5 per cent interest, through the Central Reserve Bank. Individuals who pay under this scheme will be given a receipt first and a gold bond after 20 days. Aadhar number, PAN number and bank account are required to join this scheme. You can keep gold bonds and get loans from banks when you need money. Thus, he stated.



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