Sales of subscriptions in fitness clubs in Russia decreased by 13% in the new year

Sales of subscriptions and club cards in Russian fitness clubs in the first weeks of 2022 decreased by 13.7% compared to the beginning of 2021. Facilities began to record demand for cards for one or three months, Elena Silina, head of the National Fitness Community, told TASS .

The association analyzed the performance of 493 network and single fitness clubs in 72 regions for 14 days in 2022. According to Silina, attendance in January decreased by an average of 4.7%.

70% of properties, mostly non-network players, reported growing demand for club cards and season passes with short expiration dates of one or three months. At the same time, annual cards account for 60% of sales, Silina added.

“Most market participants believe that one of the trends of the year will be client-centricity, which will allow the provision of fitness services with a better approach to the client,” said the head of the National Fitness Society, adding that this includes creating products that combine various options for classes and personal consultations.

In 2021, the number of fitness industry facilities decreased by 5200, more than 249,000 people stopped working in the industry, Elena Silina said earlier.

The industry as a whole missed about 25.9 billion rubles, restrictive measures led to a drop in demand for fitness services by 65% ​​since the beginning of the year, the expert emphasized.



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