sales operations at cost price in 4,000 stations

sales operations at cost price in 4,000 stations

2023-09-26 20:50:53

The government announced, Tuesday September 26, “nearly 120,000 operations” sale of fuel at cost price “in 4,000 stations” until the end of the year, following a meeting with the main distributors at Matignon which followed the executive’s abandonment of selling at a loss.

The Carrefour and Leclerc brands have committed to carrying out such operations every day, Casino, Cora and Intermarché will carry out two weekends per month, Système U and Auchan at least one weekend per month, detailed Matignon, who specifies that these commitments are in addition to the freezing by TotalEnergies of the price at €1.99 per liter in its 3,400 stations.

The exact level of reductions granted at the pump has not been specified and will depend on each distributor.

Matignon welcomes the mobilization obtained

The government estimated that “the Prime Minister has moved the lines by putting pressure on professionals”. “It’s unprecedented both in terms of intensity and duration” efforts made, he insisted. These commitments “far exceed what we hoped for. (…) We have never seen a mobilization of such magnitude”welcomed Matignon again.

Selling at a loss of fuel: supermarkets up against the wall

“Some distributors have already said they are ready to extend beyond that” at the end of the year, added the government, for which, “with these 120,000 operations at cost price, price reductions will materialize very quickly” et “the French will feel it on their budget”. “Every cent counts for the purchasing power of the French”he added.

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A new meeting in December

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne will bring together stakeholders in the sector again in December. Furthermore, the government announced Tuesday the launch of a « mission » pour “provide full transparency on the costs and margins of the entire sector”from production to distribution through refining.

Fuel: who will be able to receive the new bonus announced by Emmanuel Macron?

Based on the results of this mission, which will be “delivered at the beginning of December”discussions will continue on the « efforts » additional information that each of the actors could possibly do ” upstream and downstream “indicated the government.

Concerning TotalEnergies, present across the entire value chain, “the subject of additional effort” to the cap already in place “has been discussed and will continue to be discussed in light of the results of the mission”indicated the government.

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