«Salgemma», the map of contemporary art in Puglia is online

twelve o’clock, April 5, 2021 – 21:59

Promoted by the Apuliart Contemporary website and the Takecare fanzine, it aims to strengthen the system by sharing knowledge and collaborations

of Marilena Di Tursi

IS The Salgemma publishing project was created during the first lockdown but has recently become operational, born from the collaboration between the Apuliart Contemporary website, conceived in 2017 by Rosita Ronzini, and the Takecare fanzine, founded in the same year by Roberta Mansueto. Both curators, are now united in the common goal of strengthening the contemporary art system in the Apulian territory, not only by mapping museums, foundations, galleries or other institutions but by fostering collaborations and a concrete dialogue between the many independent realities, still operating even today in pandemic time. For now by strengthening sharing and, in the future, also by offering communication and publishing services for art. On the website (www.apuliartcontemporary.com/it/salgemmamappa/) the digital map designed by the young Lecce graphic designers of OpsStudio is in operation, which incorporates the structure of the mineral, the rock salt, to which the project is inspired. A multi-faceted pink stone capable of containing the map of the first 32 operators present in the area with ongoing activities. It is an open network, destined for a continuous and progressive updating where users can follow the activity of independent spaces, foundations and galleries. Among the initiatives on the agenda, already available for consultation, we find the proposals of: Giardino project, an artist residence in the province of Lecce headed by the curator Giuseppe Arnesano; Studioconcreto and the independent Spazio Su space, both in Lecce; Studio Atelier Lamia Santolina, in the countryside of Carovigno, founded by the director and artist Cosimo Terlizzi; Random, the cultural and artistic production association of Paolo Mele and Luca Coclite in Gagliano del Capo; and Post Disaster Rooftops, a curatorial platform that moves from Taranto to Mediterranean urban scenarios. The mapping also includes many of the spaces (for example Nico, Futuro Archaico, Microba, Muratcentoventidue Artecontemporanea, Exchiesetta, Manifatture Knos, Progetto, Kunstschau, Pia Studio, Crac Puglia) born recently or that have tenaciously resisted the crisis in the sector. Still in progress, the network returns the rich fabric of good practices within a geography of regional contemporary art, however, devoid of rooted institutional presences. Always in the mantra of virtual travel and communication, given the times, only clickable.

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April 5, 2021 | 21:59

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