Salini: “Bridge over the Strait? Are we ready. It will employ over 100 thousand people”

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Salini: “Bridge over the Strait? Are we ready. It will employ over 100 thousand people”

The Draghi government is engaged on various fronts. On the one hand there is the Coronavirus emergency to be faced in all ways, especially with the acceleration of the vaccination campaign. On the other hand, there is the serious economic crisis in progress and in order to tackle it, we aim at the Recovery Fund, the European economic aid plan, which should bring 209 billion to the state coffers. This chapter includes major works, all infrastructures planned but never built. Among these, the Bridge over the Strait stands out. From the CEO of the Webuild group, – reads the Messaggero – the company that has the construction of the work in its portfolio has received the go-ahead.

“It is the only project – explains Pietro Salini – that can start in the South. The Bridge is a project we have in our portfolio and we are ready to leave immediately. It is impossible to imagine a High Speed ​​train between Naples and Palermo that has to stop to Reggio Calabria to continue by ferry to Messina. “The work can also employ over 100 thousand people”. Of the orders for which Webuild has been awarded or the best bidder since the beginning of the year, over 2.1 billion refer to three sustainable mobility projects in Italy (Fortezza Ponte Gardena railway line, two sections of the Pedemontana Lombarda motorway and the doubling of the Messina railway line -Catania, Taormina-Giampilieri section).

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