Salutequità meets the President of the Senate Hygiene and Health Commission

The Senate Hygiene and Health Commission intends to continue to investigate the problem of missed care for non-Covid-19 patients in 2020 and 2021, the level of implementation of emergency measures for the strengthening of the National Health Service and for the recovery of waiting lists , together with the degree of use of the related resources allocated to the Regions. For this reason it will be audited in the next few days Healthquity, Association for the evaluation of the quality of health policies, as part of the deal assigned to territorial medicine. This is what was decided in interview between the president of the Senate Hygiene and Health Commission, Annamaria Parente and the president of Salutequità, Tonino Aceti.

“We are pleased that the Senate has recognized and actively takes on the problem that our Association has raised since last year and we are available to provide all the data and assessments that are needed,” Aceti said. The treatment lacking during the pandemic and to be recovered is a real tsunami for the national health service: over one million and 300 thousand hospitalizations missed, of which more than 500 thousand are urgent. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hospitalizations for breast, lung and pancreatic cancer, implantation of defibrillators and pacemakers, major cardiac surgery: the decline in 2020 is between 10 and 30% depending on the performance. And transplants have also backtracked: -8 percent. And then – continues Aceti – 144.5 million fewer outpatient specialist services, 90 million fewer laboratory services, as well as 8 million rehabilitation services and 20 million diagnostics ”.

“This is why we appreciated the attention to the problem shown by President Parente, whom we thank – concluded Aceti”


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