The former Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, in the affair of sboat of migrants from Gregoretti ship at the center of the preliminary hearing in progress in the Catania bunker hall, “he did not violate any of the international conventions”, his choices were “shared by the government” and his position “does not integrate the details of the crime of kidnapping Because “the fact does not exist.” This was stated by the prosecutor Andrea Bonomo who, at the end of his speech in the classroom in front of the Gup Nunzio Sarpietro, reiterated the request not to proceed against the former minister.

The Public Prosecutor of Catania in the filing request had written that “the three-day wait cannot be considered an illegitimate deprivation of liberty”, given that the “limitations continued in the hot spot of Pozzallo” and that “there is no obligation for the State of an immediate landing ». Furthermore, the prosecutor observed, “the political directives had changed” and from November 28 the Interior Ministry had expressed its desire to assign the Pos and “do it quickly”, justifying “the administrative time” to implement the disembarkation of migrants ” with the will of Minister Salvini to obtain a redistribution at European level ». In addition, on the ship “medical assistance, food and basic necessities were guaranteed” and “the immediate disembarkation of the sick and minors”.

Giro’s tears of joy and the words of the civil lawyer

At the news of the request of the Public Prosecutor of Catania not to proceed for Salvini Francesco Giro senator of Forza Italia with a double FI-Lega card, he declared: “I cried with joy but also with tension that we have accumulated in these hard three years with the friends of the League ».

“Unlawfully detained 131 people on board”. including a 29-year-old woman who was pregnant in the eighth month, with two children aged 6 and 10, and was not allowed to land on Lampedusa ». So instead the lawyer Daniela Ciancimino, civil lawyer for Legambiente, during her speech at the preliminary hearing in Catania against the leader of the League. The lawyer underlined the «suffering of the migrants massed on the Gregoretti ship. There were sixteen minors on board, including very small children ».

Salvini’s case and statements

On 25 July 2019, 131 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean remained for 6 days on the ship of the Italian Coast Guard Gregoretti (then disembarked in the Sicilian port of Augusta) for the disembarkation ban of the then Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, then investigated for kidnapping. At trial, Salvini declared last December, “I go there quietly because I do not believe that I have committed any crime, indeed I believe that I have saved lives by protecting the Italian national interest. I did it in the company of the whole government ». And then: «We saved lives and protected a country, what did not happen later because after me there were drowned rights denied. I only regret having to waste time for judges, lawyers, police forces in a bunker room that is usually used for the Mafia trial ».

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