“Salvini don’t worry, the government is solid”


Nicola Zingaretti speaks the day after the announced resignation as secretary of the Democratic Party. “Salvini do not worry, the Draghi government is strong, solid, it will go on, no one will ever question it, on the contrary. It will find the Pd at 1000 per 1000% at the service to carry on that program”, explains the dem leader after the words of the number one League. worried that the earthquake in the Pd house could have repercussions on the newly born executive.

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“I resigned to push the management team to a more frank, but also plural, supportive and without hypocrisy confrontation – continues the president of the Lazio Region – which allows our community to face the problems we have before us on the choices that will have to be made to have a common vision of Italy. I tried my best – he continues – but I didn’t, because controversy prevailed more than pluralism. I took a step to the side, I continue to be president of the Region , I do not disappear, I will participate in political life, but I hope that my gesture will help the Democratic Party to find that desire to discuss even with different ideas but with more solidarity, respect and effectiveness for the love of Italy and that community that I continue to feel my”.

“My candidacy for mayor of Rome? I am the president of the Lazio Region. We have to face the health emergency as we are doing, in an extraordinary way. Thanks to everyone’s commitment”, said Zingaretti, today of the inauguration of the Playground of Torre Gaia, in Rome.

“In the next few days I will go and get the Democratic Party card – because I had not yet done so – because I remain convinced that it is the popular force that can guarantee the country good governance and an alternative to the right, which ride the problems and they do not solve them “, assures Zingaretti.


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