Salvini interviewed by Draghi. Focus on recovery and reforms – Almost an hour and a half face to face at Palazzo Chigi. Mario Draghi received in the afternoon Matteo Salvini. During the meeting, defined as “cordial” by the Prime Minister, “the economic situation of the country, which is recovering, and the reforms were discussed”, he specified. “The meeting went very well. In an hour and a half we met at 360 degrees”, said the Northern League secretary, leaving Palazzo Chigi. “We lost sight of the clock, and then we realized that it was getting late. An hour and a half of confrontation on a lot, if not everything, of substantial sharing and satisfaction for everything that has been done in these three months and for what will be done. There is great satisfaction for the work of the ministers of the League and for each other. A beautiful, useful comparison to be held frequently in order to collaborate “.
On the issue of blocking layoffs there is “absolute harmony” with Draghi, the head of the League then guaranteed. “The growing and running sectors – which need to hire, not lay off, I am thinking of industry and construction – must once again be free to act on the market,” he said. “Then there are the sectors that have suffered the most, I am thinking of trade, services, tourism: they will have until October to organize themselves, with the aim of a summer with an economic boom”.
“It is a government born with health emergencies, jobs, reboots, economic growth. We are giving Italians excellent results”, continued Salvini. “With Draghi we talked about the tax reform and how to cut taxes, the justice reform, which sees us absolutely protagonists, I explained the meaning of the referendums, how and where we will collect the signatures to help change the justice, the reform of the public administration, education and immigration, Europe, banks and disabilities “.
On the subject of recovery, the head of the League stressed, we would like “to achieve growth within the year that is much more substantial and sustained than expected”. “We have the goal – he reiterated – of a summer with an economic boom. The Minister of Tourism of the Lega is working like crazy on this to make it a memorable summer for those who work in tourism in Italy”. According to him, the Northern League secretary also shared with the premier on the issues of managing the migration phenomenon. “Italy cannot be left alone, it cannot be treated as the refugee camp of Europe, so sharing with other European countries, collaboration with African countries is absolutely fundamental and from this point of view with President Draghi we are absolutely online We hope there is no selfishness, “he said.



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