Samantha: Actress Samantha goes to South Korea for the treatment for ‘Myositis’

Actress Samantha, who has been acting in Bollywood and South Indian films, has recently been suffering from ‘myositis’. He had already been admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad to get treatment for this injury. However, there has been insufficient progress in treatment. The treatment worked much slower than expected. So Samantha decided to take Ayurvedic treatment. But he changed his plan and decided to go to South Korea. Samantha has decided to stay in South Korea for a few months and undergo modern treatment, sources close to her said. He said that he is planning to return from South Korea only after he recovers completely and he is going to act in Khushi’s film after his arrival.

Samantha |Samantha

Earlier in an interview given about his treatment at the Hyderabad hospital, he had said that he could not get out of bed for a few days and was ready to fight it. I saw on the news that I was in critical condition. But I will not die soon. I have always been a fighter. Samantha mentioned in her interview that she will continue to fight.

Myositis is an inflammation of muscles. This is not a widespread problem. It is a relatively rare condition. This inflammation in the muscles can be due to many reasons. They wished him a speedy recovery on social media.


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