Samantha Cristoforetti in Città della Scienza, is connected from space

NoonJune 20, 2022 – 4:01 pm

The astronaut will answer questions from teachers, students and entrepreneurs: the meeting will last twenty minutes

from Anna Santini

At Citt della Scienza, tomorrow, 21 June, from 2.30 pm, in the Newton Room, in an event promoted by ASI – Italian Space Agency, ESA – European Space Agency and the Idis-City of Science Foundation, a meeting with ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in live connection from the International Space Station but also – thanks to the presence of qualified guests from the world of business, research and education – a moment of reflection on the future of the aerospace sector and its opportunities. The event, which will also be broadcast in live streaming on the channels of ASI ( and Citt della Scienza (, will see the institutional greetings of Riccardo Villari, President of Idis-City of Science Foundation. Samantha Cristoforetti live from the ISS, answering questions from students, teachers and entrepreneurswhile the International Space Station is flying over Europe and will last about 20 minutes.

The round tables

The meeting will be completed by three round tables. At the first, Choose the space for your future. Career opportunities in the aerospace industry, among others Luigi Carrino, President of the Aerospace District of Campania; Francesco Punzo, ALI scarl; Vincenzo Giorgio, CEO of ALTEC; Gabriele Prandi, Argotec Marketing Manager and Marco Brancati, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Telespazio, one of the main industrial companies in the sector, involved in various capacities with experiments, sending of technological components, etc. in the Minerva mission on the International Space Station. The second, from the title Aerospace research: a sector of excellence instead he wants to invite young people to choose careers in the aerospace sector through the testimonies of Giovanna Aronne, Professor of Botany at the Federico II University of Naples; Raffaele Savino, Coordinator of the Degree Programs in Aerospace Engineering of the Federico II University of Naples and Raffaele Aucelli, President of the Euroavia Naples Student Association. Finally, with Space enters the school to combat educational frailties the agreement between ASI and the non-profit street teachers will be presented with their President Cesare Moreno; and the Climate detectives activity carried out – as part of the ESERO program which proposes a research project for students on the climate, with the help of experts, and educational resources developed by ASI and ESA – by teachers Rosanna Busiello and Leandro D’Anna , of the ITI Barsanti and Sabrina Nappi and Mario Di Fonza, of the Isis Europa of Pomigliano d’Arco.

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June 20, 2022 | 16:01

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