Samantha shines in Effie | Samantha Ruth Prabhu at IFFI 2021

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Panaji: Actress Samantha is a guest at the International Film Festival. Samantha arrives with Raj Nidhi and Krishna DK, the directors of the Family Man 2 web series. They had come to participate in a discussion organized by Amazon. Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who played the lead role in the series, did not attend the function but attended the discussion via video call.

Season 2 with 9 episodes was released on June 4 on Amazon Prime.

Family Man 2 came to the show after overcoming many difficulties. Protests erupted from various quarters against the series, saying it misrepresented the Tamil people and the Eelam Liberation Movement. Samantha was also heavily criticized.

Samantha’s performance as a Sri Lankan girl named Raji was highly acclaimed by the audience. Critics rated Samantha’s best performance of her career. There were many dangerous conflict scenes in the film.

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