Samsung bets on a smartphone worth over a thousand euros

Samsung bets on a smartphone worth over a thousand euros – The smartphone market has undergone a marked contraction, but the flagship segment – phones, to be clear, which range from 800 to over a thousand euros – is constantly growing. So if in terms of volume sales have decreased, in terms of value the situation is not so dramatic.

Only this belief can be behind Samsung’s decision to launch the 2023 edition of its Galaxy (in the standard, Plus and Ultra versions) at prices ranging from 979 to 1,900 euros.

Looking at it, the Galaxy S23 changes little compared to the previous model: in appearance it is more squared – an element that plays in favor of the use of the S Pen, the trump card of the Ultra version – and less heavy, but the real revolution is in the ‘heart’, that Snapdragon processor that Qualcomm has optimized for Samsung. The photographic sector has also been renewed – obviously – with the new 200 megapixel sensor and the improved Nightography function.

The new generation of Galaxy S aims at improve the gaming experiencebut also the professional one.

On the photography front, Nightography optimizes photos and videos by reducing the visual noise that mars images in low light thanks to a new image signal processing (ISP) algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and able to enhance the details of the object and the chromatic tones.

The new 200MP sensor that mounts the Ultra version (and which only works without zoom) takes advantage of pixel binning to simultaneously support different levels of high resolution processing. Given the increasingly significant role of selfie cameras the S23 series introduces fast autofocus and Super HDR camera for selfieswhich marks the move from 30fps to 60fps for sharper front-facing images and video.

There is no shortage of niceties such as the Expert RAW app for taking reflex-style images and editing them in RAW and JPEG or the Astrophoto settings for photographing the starry sky (provided you have a tripod and a little patience).

It still remains to be seen how many gamers use smartphones to challenge each other, but Samsung and Qualcomm have optimized the experience with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a particularly powerful and efficient platform together with a processing capacity of about 30% more than the S22 series.

To ensure security, Knox Vault, first introduced on the Galaxy S21 series, protects critical data on the Galaxy S23 series by isolating it from the rest of the device, including the operating system, to ensure greater protection against potential vulnerabilities.


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