Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price and specifications in Saudi Arabia

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price and specifications in Saudi Arabia

I’ve got a phone Samsung S22 Ultra It is very popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many people who love modern phones maintain it, but they wonder about the price and specifications of this phone, and is it equipped with a number of features that make people accept it in this way, or is it just a modern version like other mobile phones, and we will explain to you all That is in the following lines.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone

One of the most popular phones in the Arab world in general, and in Saudi Arabia in particular, because Samsung issues everything new in the world of mobile phones, the latest of which is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is characterized by the following: –

Samsung S22
  • Large internal storage, where you can upload a lot of videos and photos, as well as files.
  • A fast device to use.
  • It features a clear front camera that helps you take many pictures in high quality.
    You can make a phone call without the fear of poor network or poor sound that some suffer from in many other phones.
  • It has a strong phone screen, and it is waterproof.
  • The videos recorded through it are of high quality, with clarity in the picture and sound.

Samsung s22 ultra specifications

Here is a detailed explanation of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: –

  • It includes an internal memory of 256 GB.
  • It is also available from this version in burgundy color only.
  • His two SIM cards belong to the fifth generation.
  • Its battery is 5000 mAh.
    The operating system it supports is Android.
    The phone screen area is 6.8 inches.

In addition, we find that its price in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 4299 Saudi riyals.


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