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Black Friday brings a lot of joy for the bargain hunters again this year

Black Friday brings a lot of joy for the bargain hunters again this year

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Samsung, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week – this constellation makes the hearts of bargain hunters beat faster. Here’s what products to keep an eye on now so you don’t miss out on a good deal.

JNow is perhaps the best time of year for a new product from Samsung: Cyber ​​Week is running and there are many particularly tempting offers for the latest technology from the South Korean company.

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During Cyber ​​Week, many retailers are offering products at sometimes significantly reduced prices

Cyber ​​Week for Samsung: Find the Best Deals Here

Tip: When looking for the lowest prices, it is not only useful to check different providers, but also to use a price search engine such as The prices mentioned here apply to the offers found there or on Amazon.

The most popular Samsung offers among our readers

Cyber ​​Week: Samsung Galaxy S10 reduced by 44%

It is very likely that you can get hold of a cheap Samsung cell phone on Black Friday this year as well. So that you can tell good deals from bad ones, we’ve put together some of the most sought-after smartphone models here. There was also a good smartphone deal before Black Friday – the Samsung S10 * in particular was reduced by a full 42 percent during Black Week. The smartphone with 128 GB of storage and 6.1 inches is currently available on Amazon for € 520.72 instead of the usual € 899.00.

It is also worth taking a look at other Samsung Galaxy devices, such as the S10e * – you save 33 percent here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live reduced by 59 percent

Interesting for everyone who is looking for stylish headphones: The Galaxy Buds are available in all variants and with the Galaxy Buds Live you can even save a whole 108.58 euros.

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds Live * for 75,66 instead of 184.24 euros (-59%)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds + * for 97,90 instead of 164.74 euros (-41%)
  • Samsung TVs with Cyber ​​Week discount

    There are guaranteed to be exciting Cyber ​​Week offers for TV fans again this year: Samsung produces some of the most popular televisions after all. According to, these products are currently particularly cheap:

    Of the Samsung QLED 4K Q60T TV with 50 inch screen diagonal and quantum dot technology – at a price of 689.00 euros, just 23 percent off at Amazon.

    Now on Amazon: Samsung QLED 4K Q60T TV (50 inches) * for 709.00 instead of 899.00 euros (-21%)

    Samsung tablets at Cyber ​​Week prices

    Would you like to buy a Samsung tablet and save a lot at the same time? Then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite should definitely be on your wish list. But you can currently also purchase the popular Galaxy Tab S7 FE at a discounted price.

    Cyber Week: Samsung-Smartwatches

    Also applies to Cyber ​​Week: carefully check Samsung deals!

    Even if the lightning deals seem tempting during the pre-Christmas shopping season and tempt you to make impulse purchases: Take some time for Black Friday. Samsung regularly brings new models onto the market, which is why cheap deals often include older devices. Therefore, research whether the models meet your requirements. Big discounts don’t mean much, by the way. Quite a few providers advertise with it, but this price reduction mostly refers to the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, which is often no longer relevant after a few months, especially for technology.

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