Samsung Jet 90 – A simple, convenient and very powerful vacuum cleaner

Samsung Jet 90 – A simple, convenient and very powerful vacuum cleaner

Samsung is not a new player in the field of vacuum cleaners, but with its Jet series it is trying to position itself in front of Dyson vacuum cleaners. The Jet 90 model we examined recently comes with an impressive suction power, convenient storage and loading position and a nice amount of replaceable heads for cleaning various areas in the house.

The Samsung Jet is available in Israel in three new models, the strongest of the three being the Jet 90 and the Jet 75, which are available at prices of NIS 2,799 and NIS 2,299, respectively, and offer a 550W motor that produces a maximum pumping power of 200AW. While the Jet 60 comes at a lower price of NIS 1,799, it offers a 410W motor that produces a pumping power of 150AW.

The structure of the vacuum cleaner

The structure of the vacuum cleaner makes it quite convenient to use. Unlike Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, here there is no trigger that requires prolonged pressing to operate the vacuum cleaner, allowing the finger to rest more comfortably on the vacuum cleaner and reducing for me the pressure on the joints.

The vacuum is activated by means of a button that is conveniently located above the position where you will hold it while pumping, which allows simple operation with one hand. Pressing the power button will turn on the vacuum cleaner immediately and another push is required to stop it. Along with the power button you will also find another pair of buttons – plus and minus, which will adjust the suction power.

What bothered me a bit was the structure of this set of buttons, which is made of plastic that seems to be relatively inexpensive. This whole set moves in place, indicating that this part may be a fertile pad for fragments.

Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Samsung has also done a good job in positioning the release buttons of the accessories and the trash can, something I thought would be taken for granted, but many vacuum cleaners weigh down on these simple operations. The release buttons are large, very pressurized and well positioned, so we know why each button is designed even without messing with it too much.

The battery can be easily disconnected from the body of the vacuum cleaner, so you can replace it if necessary, with Samsung placing a indicator with 3 LEDs on the battery, which will indicate the battery life of the vacuum cleaner while using it.

On the vacuum handle is a bright display, which shows the suction power at three levels (low, normal and max), and you can also see the option of wet wiping, this is not available without the dedicated wiping accessory, we did not get this in the review. During each operation of the vacuum cleaner, I noticed that the pumping power returned to its normal level, even if I switched to the low level or the max level.

The rubbish bin is very large with a volume of 800 ml and allows for a particularly convenient emptying, when it can also be rinsed under the tap for quick cleaning and returned to use after drying.

Jet 90 Vacuum Cleaner Accessories (Photo: Samsung)
Jet 90 Vacuum Cleaner Accessories (Photo: Samsung)

Handles and accessories

The Jet 90 vacuum cleaner comes with a pair of heads for general cleaning, one of which is the Turbo Action Brush, which aims to provide deeper cleaning. In addition, we also found a mini cleaning head in the kit designed to clean additional surfaces such as beds, sofas, etc., a folding handle that allows the vacuum cleaner to reach under the sofas easily and a pair of small cleaning heads for cleaning corners, curtains and more.

The main handle to which the various heads connect comes with a built-in shortening or extension option so you can use the vacuum cleaner to get to more distant places (effective in cleaning under large sofas, beds).

Finally, there is the Z Station accessory, a storage and charging stand that allows you to place the vacuum cleaner for recharging, while on top of the stand you can also place the various cleaning heads for quick retrieval when needed.

Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)
Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Regular use of the vacuum cleaner

The use of the two main heads does the job and during use I saw no need to use the Turbo Action brush, other than vacuuming carpets. The powerful brush did the job on the carpet as well, but this is not a carpet brush with a dedicated head for re-tapping on them.

In the general pumping test the vacuum cleaner managed to remove the dirt and dust from the floors and parquet in the house, and also worked quite well in cleaning the porch. I will note that I have been told by quite a few representatives of vacuum cleaners companies that they are not designed to vacuum on the porch, as it is a heavier dirt, which often includes stones – so here I have said this to you too. No vacuum cleaner was damaged during this review.

The mini-sized cleaning head also does a good job. When vacuuming the bed and sofas, I noticed that by pulling back, the head was able to rise, so that the risk of damaging the surfaces was lower, but this also sometimes required further repetition when vacuuming the place.

The handle that allows extension is very comfortable, and unlike my experience with other vacuum cleaners, which offer additional and separate handles for extension, here everything comes built-in and the extension is done instantly at the push of a button and pull the extension out.

Extension handle for Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)
Extension handle for Samsung Jet 90 vacuum cleaner (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Like many vacuum cleaners on the market, the Samsung Jet 90 offers a maximum usage time of 60 minutes, depending on the power you choose during pumping (the Jet 60 model offers up to 40 minutes of work).

Bottom line – what we thought of the Samsung Jet 90

Samsung places its Jet vacuum cleaners at a pricing level that is among the most expensive vacuum cleaners on the market and the cheapest. It is not a cheap product, but it manages to live up to its promises and provides a high suction power that allows to maintain a good cleanliness of the house.

The structure of the vacuum cleaner and the assembly of the accessories to it simplify the work with it and the continuous operation without the need to squeeze the trigger regularly reduces the pressure on the joints.

The rubbish bin is very large and does not require frequent emptying, and in addition it can also be easily disassembled from the vacuum cleaner for cleaning under the tap.

The battery life is satisfactory when used at low and medium power, with high power you will get about 10 minutes of work when the battery is fully charged. Disadvantage on the battery side comes precisely from the direction of charging, this takes over 3 hours for full charge, so if you thought of using the highest power for pumping all the time, it is probably better not to do it.

Another disadvantage is the lack of a dedicated suction lever for carpets, this is not available as part of the Jet 90’s kit.

Model prices:

  • Samsung Jet 90, Price: NIS 2,999 (The one that sucks it we tested)
  • Automatic garbage disposal station for vacuum cleaner, price: 799 NIS
  • Samsung Jet 75, Price: NIS 2,299 (Comes without Z Station)
  • Samsung Jet 60, Price: 1,799 NIS

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