Samsung postpones the implementation of the new camera feature in the Galaxy S23 phones

The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will miss a feature that was expected to come, which is “the presence of a front selfie camera under the screen to get rid of the hole at the top of the screen.”

This means that the Galaxy S23 phones will retain the holes and holes in their screens as in the current phones, and Samsung may have postponed this step for the Galaxy S24 phones.

According to Tech Radar, “There is no reason why Samsung should not put its front cameras under the screen, but there are no possibilities, including that the company is not satisfied with the quality of the image, or perhaps to avoid the high cost and price of the phone.”

The site stated that what makes this news surprising is the presence of a 4-megapixel camera under the screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, meaning that Samsung has the ability to implement this technology, even if the images and videos resulting from it are relatively low-resolution.

However, Tech Radar said, “This news may be just rumours, but it seems logical that Samsung does not want to sacrifice camera quality in order to produce a phone with a screen free of any kind of hole, especially since it is not an urgent need.”

A few days ago, rumors spread that the base model S23 and S23 Plus will come with a 12-megapixel selfie camera, so there are changes in the production of this specific specification, even if this means Samsung sticks to the traditional design.


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