Samsung unveils the models expected to arrive in 2022 – Galaxy Buds Live 2 among them

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Many times the disclosure of preliminary information about the launch of new products comes by mistake from the company itself. This is exactly the case this time with Samsung. At an event held by Samsung for 30 business partners, the company unveiled its goals for 2022 including models and numbers. It turns out that the information does not remain only among the participants of the meeting and he Leaked out.

From the data presented by Samsung to investors we learn many details. Not only the sales expectations of the company it is planning but also new models which are expected to arrive in 2022. It is important to note that the numbers revealed are numbers of Samsung and its business planning for the coming year and some of the new models revealed were clearly coming to market. But among all the numbers, unexpected details were also revealed.

Samsung aims to increase sales of laptops by 9 percent, sales of tablets by 6 percent and complementary accessories (headphones without wires and smartwatches) by more than 35 percent. All this compared to 2021. Samsung has set itself the goal of selling about 34 million Galaxy Tab tablets, in addition, 7.4 million Galaxy Book units, as well as 19 million smartwatches and 23 million units of TWS headphones.

From the table revealed we learn that a successor of Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Watch 4 will arrive. We assume that the future product names are intended for the presentation of the data and will not necessarily be the final names of the products.

In case you thought Samsung gave up the next generation of headphones Galaxy Buds Live, Bean-shaped headphones, shape Not Everyone received with love, It turns out that Samsung is not giving up and plans to release a next generation for them. It will be interesting to see how Samsung will meet the forecasts it has presented for it, especially when there is a crisis in the supply of components in the world, which affects, among other things, product sales.

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