Samsung’s creepy 55-inch Odyssey Arc monitor will go on sale in August

Samsung is preparing to launch the 55-inch curved Odyssey Arc monitor in August. Report from the Korean sales station ETNews (Across SamMobileAn observer announced at CES in January, it is said to have gone through some certification programs that need to be done before it goes up for sale.

Details about this screen are still limited. The company claims that it will have a 16:9 4K panel and that this mode will support pivot, tilt and swivel. It was also announced that it will be released in the second half of 2022 (where the August window is in the box). But let it be true, when you appear with a screen that promises you Tower on you physically When you use it, people will pay attention even if you don’t announce the price or renewal rate.

Samsung Dial claims to be responsible for the “lighting and interface”. Because it is very difficult to reach the buttons on the back.
Photo: Samsung

Many of us are here On the edge This screen is so exciting – when it comes time to present the awards for CES 2022, we gave it the best display. But as with many CES announcements, as the months go by, it can be hard to remember anything from the flow of tools and technology; Samsung did In fact Advertise a very nimble and very large screen that can stretch around you or is it just a fever dream? Rumors that it may be coming out soon, prove that it has already been announced and it’s a reminder that we’re looking forward to it.

One thing that adds credibility to the report is that Samsung has successfully revealed other displays announced around CES this year. Decisively low-key (but very beautiful) is the M8’s screen that’s already starting to hit store shelves, it has a small curved gaming screen (read: reasonably sized), the Odyssey Neo G8. While that’s not proof that the Arc is next, it’s good to see that Samsung has a record of sending out its own CES screens this year.


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