Samsung’s production map reveals tablets, computers and headphones that will arrive during 2022

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A new leak reveals some of Samsung’s many products that we are expected to see during 2022, with no less than 4 tablet models in the Galaxy Tab S8 series, in addition to the pair of Galaxy Tab A8 / A7 Lite tablets and other products that include laptops, Buds headphones and The company’s next Galaxy Watch 5 series.

The new leak presents an expected schedule for the company’s product manufacturing that includes information on the amount of units that will be manufactured from each model. In the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet series, we can find no less than 4 models, including the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which will produce about 400,000 units, the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, which will produce close to a million units, and the regular Galaxy Tab S8, which will produce 1.2 million units. When the three models the company plans to start producing in the first and second quarters of 2022.

Along with the three Tab S8 models, at a later stage, in the third and fourth quarters of 2022, Samsung is expected to introduce a simpler version of the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite that will arrive in production of 1.6 million units. In addition to the Galaxy Tab S series, Samsung will introduce new Galaxy Tab A8 and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite during 2022 with production expectations of 11 million units for both models.

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category Total production per category model Sample production Production expectations
Tablets 33.6 million Galaxy Tab S8 Lite 1.6 mi Quarter 3 ~ 4
Galaxy Tab S8 1.3 mi Quarter 1 ~ 2
Galaxy Tab S8 Plus 0.9 mi Quarter 1 ~ 2
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 0.4 mi Quarter 1 ~ 2
Computers 7.4 million Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 2in1 0.3 ml Quarter 2 ~ 4
Galaxy Book2 Pro / Pro 5G 0.3 ml Quarter 2 ~ 4
Galaxy Chromebook Go 1.4 mi Quarter 2 ~ 4
Smart watch 19 million Galaxy Watch 5 4.8 mi Quarter 3 ~ 4
Wireless Headphones 23 million Buds Pro 2 3.1 mi Quarter 2 ~ 4
Buds Live 2 3.3 mi Quarter 3 ~ 4

The leak gives us a glimpse not only of the following tablet models, but also replaces the company’s mobile models, including the Galaxy Book 2 Pro which will come in a standard version and a 360 version in a 2-in-1 configuration, with both models replacing the current Galaxy Book Pro models. The company.

In addition, Samsung is expected to introduce its next Galaxy Watch 5 watch series in the third or fourth quarter of 2022 and replace the Galaxy Watch 4 watch series, in addition to the wireless Buds headphones with the Buds Pro 2 models, which will come in between The second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2022, and the Buds Live 2 that will arrive in the third-fourth quarter of 2022, when they replace the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live models, respectively.

While the new leak does not show us technical details about Samsung’s next products, it does let us know which products we can expect during 2022, with the additional detail on the amount of production expected providing us with further understanding of Samsung’s investment in each segment and quantity of products to be sold.


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