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(by Carlo Mandelli) (ANSA) – SANREMO, 22 OCT – The songwriting without many adjectives. Indeed, without any adjectives. Song of the author and that’s it, understood as a story set to music, in all its forms and evolutions. The theme is that of the Tenco 2021 Award which opened last night on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo. An early evening also dedicated to the delivery of Tenco plates for ‘merits won in the field’. Among these, also that to Samuele Bersani, who with ‘Cinema Samuele’ took home the recognition of the best album ever of this edition of the review. “I dreamed of being a songwriter as a child – Bersani said, yesterday on the stage of the Ariston with his ‘En e Xanax’, ‘Harakiri’, ‘Pixel’, ‘Half lie’ and ‘The lion and the hen’ di Battisti / Mogol) – and, liking Branduardi, I would also have liked the definition minstrel. It is tempting to all those who sing to be songwriters, but then there are also people who write the songs in a cooperative, with ten authors per song when go and see the Siae parenthesis after the title. In that case one wonders why there must be seven to write, if it is not the Beatles who did it for agreements between them “. Words and music, those on the stage of the Tenco Prize, which contaminate and evolve over the years on stage, as in Bersani’s records. “In my case – the Bolognese singer-songwriter always said – the limit but also its opposite, is that I have always written for my own business. I had a beautiful school for twenty years that was Lucio Dalla but dealing with music and enjoying myself writing stories, I’ve always wanted to make the two converge in a natural way. A bit like a writer who also puts his drawings into his book, because he also knows how to draw and likes to do it together with his music “. And the natural evolution of the term ‘singer-songwriter’ and of all the expressions that it carries with it, is the center of the forty-fourth edition of the Review of the Song of the Author. “When I started, in the nineties – explained the voice and pen of ‘The tyrant’ and ‘Vertical scrolling’ – the word singer-songwriter created suspicion. The references were gigantic and it was all to be seen if you could be up to it. by De André. Singer-songwriter also meant a bit of being a bearer of problems, in a period that instead wanted lightness. I liked that this year the Tenco Prize has removed adjectives, even if I always use a lot of them in my songs “. The songwriting that changes, therefore, follows a path that also leads out of that ‘comfort zone’ to which you think you want to aspire, but which creativity, perhaps, does not like. “I like the word betrayal – said Bersani – in its positive meaning, not so much when they do it to me. I like to betray myself and my past, my songs in some way. be changed but maybe it isn’t, or the opposite “. On the stage of the Ariston Theater, Bersani has been there numerous times, for at least two different reasons. “I’ve been there several times for the Tenco and two for the Sanremo Festival and the last time I saw Lucio alive I was right here. It’s a beautiful memory because I still seem to see him watching me sing and he made me ok with thumbs up. That year I also brought one of my perhaps less successful songs, ‘A balloon’. I wanted to bring another but Morandi stuck and in the end it went like that “. The Tenco Award continues this evening and on stage, among others, also Lucio Corsi, Fiorella Mannoia with Danilo Rea, Marisa Monte and Jorge Drexler. (HANDLE).


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