San Gennaro

Valencia has presented its umpteenth coach since Meriton took over the club. Yes, Lim has signed nine coaches since October 2014. That’s not counting Vorowho has sat down on several occasions while looking for the next one.

It’s your turn now Gennaro Gattuso, that world champion midfielder in Germany 2006 with little talent but plenty of grit and sacrifice who now plays something else from the bench, as he himself has expressed in his presentation at Mestalla. “There is a lot of difference between Gattuso player and the Gattuso coach. I sweated the shirt and I liked to run, run and run. Now I like the player who thinks, is technical and has a head.”

Beyond this declaration of soccer taste, and the new change of direction regarding the inexplicable departure of bordalas (with contract in force) what interests the member and fan who is the future of Carlos Soler, Gayá o Guedes. The Italian coach has not gotten wet there. “If they leave I want players with the same mentality to compete.” And those players will come, of course, from the same Portuguese hand that brings him…

Social networks

Remember Gattuso to Valencia from Albelda y Angulo. You will know that there is no trace left. If anything, the fans, that the only thing they can celebrate is that today the club has reopened the comments on their social networks after a long time and the Hastag #Limgohome and #LimOut have roamed freely on Twitter.

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The relationship of the new coach with the networks is curious. He has no accounts but bad memories. Aurelio de Laurentiis fired him from Naples on Twitter. Also on networks, a comment from Gattuso about Barbara Berlusconi when it displaced Galliani at Milan. “I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t see women well in the world of football.” And online protests from Tottenham fans blocked his signing shortly after he broke off his commitment to Fiorentina… three weeks after signing.

The miracle of Saint Gennaro It will no longer be only the liquefaction of the blood of the Neapolitan saint, but also that Gattuso has a peaceful stay in Valencia…


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