Sandrine Rousseau deplores that politicians accuse immigration of “all evils”

Sandrine Rousseau deplores that politicians accuse immigration of “all evils”

2023-05-26 14:23:14

A clarification, as she has become accustomed to. The Green MP Sandrine Rousseau on Friday denounced the political discourse accusing l’immigration of “all evils”, regretting that we see in migrants “invaders” and not “humans”.

While opponents of the pension reform have relied heavily on opinion polls to challenge the lowering of the retirement age to 64, the MP for Paris was questioned on BFMTV-RMC about an Elabe poll according to which 56% of French people find that there are “too many immigrants in France”.

“It is the result of a kind of steamroller on immigration where we accuse immigration of all the evils and we see that it works and we see that it has an impact on the population”, regretted Sandrine Rousseau .

“These immigrants are humans”

According to her, immigrants are perceived “as dehumanized, as a kind of invader who would come here to take our money and who would have no other purpose”. “These immigrant people are humans, they have friends, they have families, they have emotions,” she added.

“I warn that dehumanization is the first stage of policies which are much tougher and which are in fact racist policies”, continued the EE-LV deputy, recalling that “everyone and even among the 56 % agreed to welcome Ukrainians fleeing the war”.

In July, the government is due to present a bill tightening reception conditions on the one hand and providing for the regularization of illegal immigrants working in shortage occupations on the other.

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