time.news. The dredging works for the newly sanded canal port should start shortly. The Municipality will be the contracting station for the works and in the meantime the procedure for the opening of the shipyard at the site of the Naval League has also been released. To do this is a note from the Municipality.
As for dredging, the Ancona Port System Authority has recently announced the granting of a loan of 800 thousand euros recovered from its budget. The Region therefore asked the Municipality to manage the procedure for awarding the works, in order to avoid further and unnecessary delays. And Friday morning the mayor Carlo Masci entrusted to the manager of the Public Works sector Fabrizio Trisi the mandate to coordinate the technical table which, at the turn of Easter, will proceed to define the procedure for awarding the work in forced stages. The forecast is to sign contracts with the company by the end of the current month.
«The challenge we have accepted», Masci said, «is to carry out the intervention before the summer. We have been and will be able to overcome the difficulties, which were not lacking, so that this important result can be achieved ». It is an operation that will allow about 90 thousand cubic meters of sand to be eliminated from the seabed.
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